Cobase Enterprises Inc.operates under major five business units–Specialty chemicals,pharmaceutical and intermediates,Food and feed additives,Rubber Adhesive Promoters(RAP),Mineral/ore process.

Specialty Chemicals:

Polyester(PET)Catalyst And Additives,
including Antimony based performance poly condensation catalyst and other additives.

PTA Oxidization Catalyst,
including cobalt acetate,manganese acetate,CMB(cobalt/manganese/Bromide combined liquid solution)

Petroleum Catalyst:High intensity molecular sieves,desulfuration,deoxidization,dechlorination catalyst and others.

Pharmaceutical And Intermediates:
Active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical excipients, pharmaceutical intermediates, as well as medical and laboratory equipment supplies.

Food And Feed Additives:
Herbal extracts, Vitamins, Amino Acids, and Other Nutrition ingredients for human, animals and plants.

Rubber Adhesive Promoters:
Cobalt metal-based compounds used as rubber adhesive promoters, for tire industry.

Mineral/Ore Process:
We process and extract variety mineral, ore or concentrate,including cobalt, nickel, copper, molybdenum and other mineral and ore, into variety chemical feed raw material.